Researchers have discovered a technique that may enable attackers to substitute malware for a legitimate app on Apple iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. Although the risk of being subjected to a Masque Attack is low, it is another reminder not to download pirated apps or software from untrusted sources. It is also a Read More

There are a number of articles and warnings about Executives being hacked in shared wi-fi including Luxury Hotels , especially in the APAC regions. Dubbed ‘Darkhotel’ by Kaspersky, the attackers infiltrate luxury hotels’ wi-fi to steal sensitive corporate data from travelling executives. Targeted businesspeople connect to the hotel wi-fi and are prompted to download fake Read More

  Electronic and computer based equipment need high quality, uninterrupted power supplies. In Australia, particularly during summer months, excess strain is placed on our aging electrical infrastructure.  Adding to this is the unpredictable weather patterns associated with summer storms which can cause electrical surges and power outages for extended periods of time. The best form Read More

Cryptolocker is a particularly nasty type of ransomware that criminals have used to encrypt files on a victim’s computer before demanding a ransom for the encryption key to unlock the files.  Without the key, the encryption renders the victim’s files useless so many people lost files or paid the ransom. Two security firms, Fireeye and Read More

We’d like to provide a brief update regarding the recent ransomware called “SynoLocker,” which is currently affecting certain Synology NAS servers. We are fully dedicated to investigating this issue and possible solutions. Based on our current observations, this issue only affects Synology NAS servers running some older versions of DSM (DSM 4.3-3810 or earlier), by Read More

Link to verify if website is secure and safe from heartbleed : Millions of websites, online stores and social networks are operating with a major security hole in place, exposing user information and financial information to hackers. That is because a core safety mechanism used to secure the internet has a flaw in it. Read More

People rave to us about how useful cloud services like Dropbox are for work, but not many say to us that they are worried about whether it’s safe. So it was interesting to hear a reminder recently that it’s the simple, mundane, day-to-day mistakes you can make in Dropbox that might expose your data. These Read More

Information technology hackers can still get the better of businesses, with companies around the world failing to keep a step ahead of information security threats, new research has found. And it is not just anonymous external hackers that businesses need to worry about, but their staff, with the biggest internal risk to a company’s IT Read More

Please read and take note CryptoLocker 14th October 2013 CryptoLocker is the next generation of internet virus that is currently circulating all over the world in large numbers. Once a computer becomes infected it will lock all your files plus any network files it has access to, even your server. Once the files are locked Read More

I was out at a good client of ours and was discussing security, when the HR Manager from UBEECO, Angelo G, was kind enough to share a link from Four Corners on Privacy concerns he had seen earlier that week. It is absolutely amazing (and scary) how much we are being tracked for advertising harvesting Read More