This topic comes up quite a fair bit some some clients. They do not realise the risk of having simple passwords until it’s too late. It also means people can be looking at your data without even knowing. We recommend passwords at a minimim to be 6 characters (however we recommend 8) , and also Read More

If you are wanting to use your printer on a Terminal Server (TS) or Remote Desktop Server (RDS), ensure you have allowed your connection to redirect your printers or they will not been seen on the remote server. To set your remote session default printer, please ensure that if you want a local printer to Read More

The internet has become an indispensable tool for everyday life, both personal and business. Its global use and familiarity has also opened the doors for cyber-criminals to take every opportunity to exploit vulnerable people through disturbing online attacks. Online scams and malware are also becoming increasingly sophisticated, and while IT professionals are aware of what Read More

Attack of one of the worst Trojans around. Last week, for the very first time, one of Sterling IT’s customers was attacked with Cryptolocker virus. When we had the alert, and then found client couldn’t access files, we thought it was just a corruption. Upon inspection, most files were renamed with .encrypted at the end Read More

Do you use the same password on multiple sites and/or applications? If so, PLEASE STOP. With many websites getting hacked such as Sony and recently Adobe, using the same password on multiple sites is becoming extremely dangerous. You can test the strength of your password by visiting GRC.COM . A trusted and brilliant website. One Read More

It is important to ensure that you, your staff and company, are aware of increasing technology threats, best practice and usage of systems. This also includes working closely with Sterling IT and understanding new and upcoming technologies. Some items we can include are new and ongoing threats, especially in Australia. Please see this link from Read More