Tim Brook Toyota 86 Racing Series – News Update 11.10.2017

Tim Brook Toyota 86 Racing Series – Update 11.10.2017

Oran Park racer Tim Brook has zoomed his way to third position in the competitive Toyota 86 Racing Series.

The Ultimate Karting Sydney driver recorded the fastest ever lap at Sydney Motorsport Park during the third round of the series last weekend. The impressive time took Broom to third in the points standings.

The goal coming in was for third in the championship at the end of the weekend, he said. We basically took third out in the opening race and built on that in the other two races. Last year we had three fourth places, this year it was fourth and two fifths, but last year we didn’t have the pace that we had this year.

Brook was a feature at the top end of the time sheets throughout the weekend so he was comfortably among the race leaders in the opening races.

“We had the pace of (race winner) Cameron (Hill) and Jimmy (Vernon) in race one and then I think because of where our speed came from, I think we wore our tyres out a little bit too much in race two.

In race three they got that gap and then it just seems like it stayed the same. We did drop away a bit in end, but that was probably because the damage was done to the tyres.

Brook said he has enjoyed a remarkably consistent run, recording five consecutive top-five finishes in the 2017 Toyota 86 Series since the opening race at Townsville in July.

There are only two rounds remaining with the next taking place at the iconic Mount Panorama. You can’t be too upset anytime you get to race around there.

I’ve only got to do it once, and that was a pleasure. We were towards the front there so we’ve got some good data and bits and pieces to look at to make sure we’re there from the beginning.

The next race in the series will take place at the SuperCheap Auto Bathurst 1000 on October 5 to 8.

Details: tbmotorsport.com.au


Unfortunately Tim was ‘taken out’ , no fault of his own at Bathurst on Saturday. The damage was so bad that he could not complete the 2 races on the Sunday.
This pushed Tim down from 3rd to 9th position because of the two DNF’s.

It also means Tim and the UKS car will be out of Newcastle as well.

Tim has a lot of support from fans, friends and business partners, and we wish him all the best for 2018.

Tim Brook reunites with title winning crew for 2017 Toyota 86 Racing Series

Tim Brook Toyota 86 Racing Series

Sydney racer Tim Brook is stepping up preparations ahead of the 2017 Toyota 86 Racing Series.

Hailing from Oran Park, Brook finished the inaugural season of Toyota 86 Racing fourth out of a 46-driver field.

This season Brook is looking to build on his strong 2016, and will be joined by the crew with which he won the 2014 Formula Vee Australian Title.

Wev’e got David and Jason Cutts helping me this year, Brook explained. David helped me win my first State Championship in Formula Vee back in 2013.

Then, jumping in the new Jacer for 2014 and 2015, we won an Australian Title together, so it’s good to continue that relationship.

Former open wheel racer Mark McHenry has also come onboard for the year to prepare the Ultimate Karting Sydney entry, the trio of new faces joining Warren Espie who continues his role as lead mechanic having worked with Brook throughout 2016.

Making it all possible is Narellan based Ultimate Karting Sydney, Cosmo Cranes, and McLaren Real Estate, who have all thrown their support behind Brook for 2017.

Ultimate Karting Sydney are the car owners, and they’re our main supporters; Garth and Christian have really helped me out,” said Brook.

Cosmo Cranes has also jumped on board, so has McLaren Real Estate, and together with Ultimate Karting Sydney are our major supporters.

we have also been lucky that some of the partners that were with me last year have come back on board, so now it’s about getting the job done on track!

“Without them we wouldn’t be here, so we really can’t thank everyone enough.”

Setting the lap record at Winton at the opening round of 2016, Brook went on to claim four podiums throughout the campaign, and finished in the top five in eleven of the year’s 14-races.

We had a strong year last year, Brook admitted. I’ll just try and keep the top fives rolling and obviously that first win wouldn’t go astray either!

“There’s a lot of really fast drivers this year though, so it’s going to be tough from the first race in Phillip Island right up to the last race in Newcastle.”

The opening event of the 2017 Toyota 86 Racing Series takes place at Phillip Island in May, the first of a five-round series that takes in Townsville and three events in NSW, including the famous Bathurst 1000 at Mount Panorama.

All races and qualifying sessions throughout the season will be broadcast live on Fox Sports, channel 506.

2017 Toyota 86 Racing Series Calendar:
1. April 21 – 23 Phillip Island SuperSprint, Phillip Island, VIC
2. July 7 – 9 Townsville 400, Townsville, QLD
3. August 18 – 20 Sydney SuperSprint, Sydney, NSW
4. October 5 – 8 Bathurst 1000, Mount Panorama, NSW
5. November 24 – 26 Newcastle 500, Newcastle, NSW

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Why NBN vs Business Grade Internet Solutions and comparisons.

We are often asked , “Should I go NBN for my business? Its cheap and fast!”

We are finding many business being cold-called for NBN solutions. Even though these sound quite low cost, in many areas, it isn’t much different to ADSL. Some cold callers will use scare tactics to force you into making a rash decision.

Often being told

  • they guarantee speeds, which is untrue (except with NBN business grade services, and at the time of writing are not offered in all areas)
  • that copper will be ripped out soon and unless upgrade now will have no internet or phones.
  • no other option but NBN for internet because of the fibre (untrue, we offer fixed wireless , not 4G but business grade, services)

Sterling IT have taken these cold calls and have informed the ‘sales person’ that these claims are untrue and need to be very careful with these sales tactics.
One of the biggest advantages on NBN over ADSL is the upload speeds. They are after 10-20 times faster than ADSL. However, with the download speeds, even at 25 or 50Mbps claimed speeds, many clients are not achieving these at the moment.

Another BIG issue for business is the SLA (“Service Level Agreement”) – Unlike a business grade connection of 99.99% uptime, NBN SLAs are generally lower, meaning longer outages without claim. We actually had one client out (during the sale of their business) down for 1 week because of NBN. They had 2x NBN connections, one for backup, and both NBN connections went down.

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It is always recommended to (1) Have a business grade connection; (2) Have a cheap backup connection on a different technology (eg wireless if main one is wired and vice versa)

Sterling IT is able to offer all types of services (including NBN) , however our recommendations are based on location, costs, service, dependence on internet plus many other factors.
Get professional advice from your trusted IT advisor on what is best for your business. Please do not make price your first choice. We have seen too many bad decisions because of this and businesses lose thousands of dollars in sales and productivity.

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Petya Ransomware, worst than Cryptolocker as will try and encrypt whole drive or most files.


This Petya ransomware will kill the Master Boot Record making your hard disk useless. If this fails, it will then run a file-encypting program

Petya is an unusual ransomware threat that first popped up on security researchers’ radar in March. Instead of encrypting a user’s files directly, it encrypts the master file table (MFT) used by NTFS disk partitions to hold information about file names, sizes and location on the physical disk.

Before encrypting the MFT, Petya replaces the computer’s master boot record (MBR), which contains code that initiates the operating system’s bootloader. Petya replaces it with its own malicious code that displays the ransom note and leaves computers unable to boot.

However, in order to overwrite the MBR after it infects a computer, the malware needs to obtain administrator privileges. It does so by asking users for access via the User Account Control (UAC) mechanism in Windows.

In previous versions, if Petya failed to obtain administrator privileges, it stopped the infection routine. However, in such a case, the latest variant installs another ransomware program, dubbed Mischa, that begins to encrypt users’ files directly, an operation that doesn’t require special privileges.

The ransom that Mischa currently asks is approx 2 bitcoins, or around US$900

Another thing that sets Mischa apart is that it encrypts executable (.EXE) files in addition to documents, pictures, videos and other user-generated files typically targeted by ransomware programs. This has the potential to leave installed programs and the OS in a non-functional state, making it harder to pay the ransom from the affected system.

The installer for the Petya-Mischa combo is distributed via spam emails that pose as job applications.
These emails contain a link to an online file storage service that hosts a picture of the alleged applicant and a malicious executable file that masquerades as a PDF document.

If it’s downloaded and executed, the fake PDF file first tries to install Petya and if that fails, it installs Mischa.
There is currently no known way to restore files encrypted by Mischa without paying the ransom.



No audio device found in Remote Desktop Terminal Server client redirection on 2008 or 2012 server


Having a problem getting audio sound redirected over terminal server or remote desktop server 2008 or 2012 to the client?

Here are a couple of things to check to enable audio redirect, even when server has no audio sound card.

When you connect the client to the server, it will redirect all sounds to be played via your local sound card however this may fail due to the following issues.

  1. Make sure the client has Audio enabled.
    • In the Remote Connection (MSTSC.EXE) , under LOCAL RESOURCES – > REMOTE AUDIO SETTINGS, make sure PLAY ON THIS COMPUTER is enabled
  2. Make sure that on the 2012 Server, DESKTOP EXPERIENCE is installed. This can be found under Server Manager under Roles and Features
  3. Right click the speaker icon and make sure you can test a PLAYBACK SOUND. There should also be a VIRTUAL SOUNDCARD listed
  4. If you still get NO AUDIO DEVICE FOUND at this stage, you will need to go back to server manager, under the SERVER COLLECTIONS, make sure that the REMOTE USER has Audio enabled.

If you require further assistance or more technical information, please make comment and we will be happy to further assist.

2015 Top 25 passwords used – how to protect yourself on mobile and computer.

If you cannot remember a complex password or more than one password, ask Sterling IT how we can assist you with a password manager that is secure.

Internet users continue to put their security at risk by using generic passwords such as “123456” and “password”, despite widespread advice to create more unique and secure codes.

Both “123456” and “password” have held the top two spots on SplashData’s annual list of leaked passwords since the first list in 2011 and data released by SplashData yesterday shows 2015 was no different.

The top 10 passwords on the 2015 list are dominated by numerical passwords, with football, baseball and ‘qwerty’ also among the least secure passwords being used online.


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Source: smartcompany.com.au  – Recommended by Sterling IT for all good businesses.