Do you have any privacy? – In Google We Trust – Four Corners

I was out at a good client of ours and was discussing security, when the HR Manager from UBEECO, Angelo G, was kind enough to share a link from Four Corners on Privacy concerns he had seen earlier that week.

It is absolutely amazing (and scary) how much we are being tracked for advertising harvesting and other factors. It’s all OK unless someone wants to use this data maliciously , such as data or identity theft.

Watch this episode to see just how much data is being kept on us, even when not browsing or using our phones or devices.

VIDEO : In Google We Trust – Four Corners. (this is an external link to (C) ) – By Geoff Thompson, Mark Gould, Mario Christodoulou

Another item you can try if using Firefox is COLLUSION. (Update: 8.3.2016 – now called Lightbeam )It is an addon and will show how many sites know what you are doing when visiting only one site.

To give an example, I went to and, look at the results of how many sites know I was actually there (when I only visit the 2 of them)

If you would like to try and see for yourself, download the lightbeam addon for firefox here

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