Dear Mark,

Let me just say how amazed I was to learn from your IT introduction /orientation for into Sterling  I.T .  Having  attended all the sessions ( not that I had to), I realized that I had picked up points on things that I had missed previously.

I believe this introduction has validity to any business out there. Whilst it is second nature to people like yourself in the I.T industry, other industries would benefit from your education in so many ways. I can only say that the proof was in the pudding when I observed in the presentation that even some of my own staff “ who I would have believed were computer savvy” were educated by your presentation and now have changed the way they do work, transact or handle not only the company computers but their own .

I also overheard two of my staff ( who are only in their early twenties ) state that they wish that they were taught this at school. I was gobsmacked!

We live in an era now where  computer technology is out stripping  our ability to understand how beneficial it can be to us all but also how vulnerable we are from not understanding how it can infiltrate our lives with negative agendas.

I would strongly recommend that this orientation /presentation be taken up by all employees in any company so they can be  “be brought up to speed” with what the I.T world is really up to and how we need to be proactive .


Kind Regards
Robert Pellizzari
Northwest Packaging

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