People often talk about having offsite because of fire or flood.SITBACK FINAL

What about a rogue staff member or a Trojan virus not only attacking your live production data but all your disk based backups as well?

Sterling IT have the solution.! SITBACK and Relax

We have been providing offsite backup and data retention solutions for our clients for over 10 years. There is a lot of buzz now about this but IT IS NOT NEW.
What is new is the pricing. With so much competition and the price of disk storage dropping, it is more affordable now than ever.

You might see other people promoting ‘cheap‘ offsite storage from multinational companies, however there are challenges with this for you to consider.

1. Is the data really stored in Australia or is it being replicated overseas which means other Governments can gain access to it?
2. Is the data encrypted PRIOR leaving your organisation so it isn’t intercepted and copied?
3. Is the support team and engineers located in Australia for immediate and quick response?
4. Do you have retention of data? (ie even if it is deleted from your server, it stays on the backup systems)
5. Can you backup unlimited amounts of computers with the one account without paying license fees for each system?
6. Are the plans flexible and will you be notified BEFORE going over your limits or limited so you don’t get charged extra without warning?
7.  Are you using a trusted IT partner, like Sterling IT to managed and monitor your backups?

If you answered No to any of the above, contact us immediately for a no obligation free meeting and solution to fit your business.

We DON’T sell packages, we sell a solution to fit your business.!