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“Sterling IT is now able to offer our clients an affordable hosted solution for
running your applications and business without the high cost of buying hardware and maintaining it.”

It has never been a better time to seriously look at the options Sterling IT can offer to reduce your costs. Not only will the solution allow you to work from anywhere (if non web enabled applications), but ensure your uptime and performance is at the peak.

Sterling IT will look at your business requirements and determine the best fit as there is never 1 solution that fits everyone.
We offer Microsoft Office 365 solutions along with IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) and SaaS (Software as a Service).
SITCLOUD has a private and public cloud offering, providing a fully integrated cloud management environment for your business.

SITCLOUD is the all in one package for the SMB/SME customer. It bundles Microsoft Office Web Apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook) with a Teamsite (SharePoint), Microsoft Lync 2010, a fully functional external website and Professional Hosted Exchange and a selection of valuable third party applications all of which for one attractive price. Also protecting your emails with Netbox Blue antispam/antivirus solutions, all included.

This bundle of cloud applications provides a business with two important capabilities, mobility and flexibility. Get full access to email, agenda, contacts, task lists and documents, all from one hosted cloud desktop.



– Microsoft Hosted Exchange Enterprise
– Teamsite (Microsoft SharePoint Hosting)
– Access to Microsoft Office Web Apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Webmail)
– Microsoft Lync
– Windows Shared Webhosting with Windows Web applications and Microsoft SQL database
– Microsoft MailArchiving
– Netbox Blue


SITCLOUD is an all in one package for SMB/SMEs and features:

– Centralized one-click access to applications
– Fully customizable cloud desktop
– Complete catalogue of business apps
– Combines Microsoft and non-Microsoft apps
– VPS options for other applications
– Full smartphone integration
– Outlook integration
– Active Directory

With SITCLOUD, SMBs get full access to their email, agenda, contacts, task lists and documents, all from one hosted cloud desktop regardless of location.

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