sterlingit-wireless-imageSterling IT provide commercial based wireless solutions.

We cater for not only small business, but schools, hotels, retail, university and warehouses. Using leading brands such as Ruckus, Meraki and Fortinet products.
It is very important to plan your wireless deployment careful before making a decision. It is not price or brand that is to be first looked at, though the solution required. Based on this, brand then price will come into play.

We suggest that if the wireless solution is out of your budget, we would recommend then not to proceed. It has been noted that many clients will purchase on price only to be disappointed and needing to pull it out then go with the right solution.

Sterling IT provide site surveys onsite to ensure the solution we offer is the best solution.

Do you use Apple products or run in a high density environment? If so, it is important to understand the limitations of different WAPS (Wireless Access Points) as well as brands.

Sterling IT also partner with NCC Solutions for some projects such as Hotels & Restaurants . The reason is NCC Solutions have a great deal of proven experience and reference sites in this area.