Why NBN vs Business Grade Internet Solutions and comparisons.

We are often asked , “Should I go NBN for my business? Its cheap and fast!”

We are finding many business being cold-called for NBN solutions. Even though these sound quite low cost, in many areas, it isn’t much different to ADSL. Some cold callers will use scare tactics to force you into making a rash decision.

Often being told

  • they guarantee speeds, which is untrue (except with NBN business grade services, and at the time of writing are not offered in all areas)
  • that copper will be ripped out soon and unless upgrade now will have no internet or phones.
  • no other option but NBN for internet because of the fibre (untrue, we offer fixed wireless , not 4G but business grade, services)

Sterling IT have taken these cold calls and have informed the ‘sales person’ that these claims are untrue and need to be very careful with these sales tactics.
One of the biggest advantages on NBN over ADSL is the upload speeds. They are after 10-20 times faster than ADSL. However, with the download speeds, even at 25 or 50Mbps claimed speeds, many clients are not achieving these at the moment.

Another BIG issue for business is the SLA (“Service Level Agreement”) – Unlike a business grade connection of 99.99% uptime, NBN SLAs are generally lower, meaning longer outages without claim. We actually had one client out (during the sale of their business) down for 1 week because of NBN. They had 2x NBN connections, one for backup, and both NBN connections went down.

Smart company article : Take a READ HERE

It is always recommended to (1) Have a business grade connection; (2) Have a cheap backup connection on a different technology (eg wireless if main one is wired and vice versa)

Sterling IT is able to offer all types of services (including NBN) , however our recommendations are based on location, costs, service, dependence on internet plus many other factors.
Get professional advice from your trusted IT advisor on what is best for your business. Please do not make price your first choice. We have seen too many bad decisions because of this and businesses lose thousands of dollars in sales and productivity.

If you would like a FREE site quality check or a review on your current connection, please let us know.
Even if in contract, we are happy to discuss and provide a free review.

High speed internet solutions using fibre, fixed wireless, NBN and ethernet connections throughout the country

Looking for a faster internet connection without breaking the bank?


We have a number of different technologies that can offer high speed internet. Not all areas and locations can get any or all of the services listed.

If an address and phone number is provided to Sterling IT, and an understanding on usage including speed requirements and download limits, we can provide a solution to suit.

Please note: If you are a Pacnet customer (ADSL only), we can transition you to another provider and save you over $130 per month, in most cases. Contact Us Immediately

The technologies Sterling IT work with and recommend to our clients include :

1. NBN – This is a residential grade service however some businesses are taking this on due to cost and current speeds. An example of this is for $79 per month you can get speeds up to 70Mbps with a 250GB download limit. However as more clients come online, the services will reduce in speed as they are shared.

2. FIXED WIRELESS – This is NOT 3G/4G but a proprietary wireless solution offering 1:1. Unlike ADSL/NBN, it is not a shared service. While one of the most expensive connections, it is not reliant on any Telstra infrastructure and is a full business grade service. Sterling IT use this technology to manage 1000+ computers. Unlike cabled services, it is not reliant on distance to exchange and does not slow down if you are

far or close.
Other advantage is we can install within 1 week in most cases (please contact us to confirm at time required)
Cost of this start from $199 per month however has a high setup fee from $300-$950.

3. METRO ETHERNET – This service is by far the best and most cost effective service. The problem with this service is it is very limited to where it has been rolled out and available.
We currently have some awesome specials till the end of December 2013. Services do take 25 days to install so an install wouldnt complete to the following month of order in most cases.

Here is this months only special (expires end of Dec 2013)




















For any service listed above, please contact us for an obligation free quote and service check