With more and more devices being introduced into networks, such as IPCams, watches, mobile devices, fingerprint readers and much more, management of this will be a nightmare, if not already. How will you manage this in a couple of years, especially with the introduction of IPv6 ? Flexible, open and adaptive solutions to manage your Read More

Attack of one of the worst Trojans around. Last week, for the very first time, one of Sterling IT’s customers was attacked with Cryptolocker virus. When we had the alert, and then found client couldn’t access files, we thought it was just a corruption. Upon inspection, most files were renamed with .encrypted at the end Read More

The amendments to the Act are scheduled to come into force on 12 March and will enforce tougher security and privacy requirements on all organisations with an annual turnover of more than $3 million, along with government agencies. Notable in the changes is the requirement for businesses to go beyond check box compliance where security Read More