Why Sterling IT?

Firstly ask yourself, if you are satisfied with your current I.T. provider, why look around?

There are thousands of I.T. providers out there today. Large and small. However does size really matter.


Sterling IT work as a team

To a degree. You need to work with a partner who has a team of people. It does not need to be thousands but does need to be more than 1.
Having a team of people will allow problem troubleshooting to be accomplished faster.

At Sterling IT, we genuinely care about our clients and their businesses. If we are to get any negative feedback, we look at this, discuss with our team and the client, and in nearly all cases, the situation is discussed and normally better than ever. (Cant satisfy 100%, but 99.99% is pretty good)

Sterling IT = Honesty Integrity Respect

We work with integrity. All our staff have signed NDA’s with our company, and we are happy to sign them between our partnership. Why? This shows we CAN be trusted. We can also monitor when our staff log into your systems and we can provide logs. Ask your current provider if they have these in place. If not, how do you know who is working on your systems?

Give us a try. We would be happy to provide a months free management to show what we can offer*.

Thank you for your time visiting our site

Mark and the Sterling IT Team.

Located in Wetherill Park , South Western Sydney , offering Managed Services, computer support and networking solutions.
Also provider of many cloud solutions including SITCLOUD, Microsoft Office 365 and rack space solutions.

* Only for new customers. Any services will still be charged, only monitoring and reporting would be free and inclusive.