About Our Team

Sterling IT employs a team of skilled, honest and dedicated staff that we are very proud of. Our team consists of two separate divisions within the business.

  1. General IT Services
  2. Procurement and Support.

General IT services include Managed IT Services, NBN and internet services, Virtualisation and storage of data, email exchange services and much much more.

Our Procurement and Support team are responsible for the procurement of the necessary tools and equipment required and manage ongoing support and maintenance of the equipment and systems being used.

We also have a service centre specialising in Panasonic Fully and Semi Rugged Toughbook Notebook Computers.

Our team is consistently undergoing training and certification to ensure that we offer our clients best practice and industry standards,  as well as keeping up with the latest technologies. The majority of our team are long term employees and we have minimal staff turn over. This ensures consistency in delivery to our clients.

Sterling IT being a SME business ourselves, values and cares for all our employees like our own family.

Mark Pace
Managing Director