NBN & Wireless Internet Services

Is your business getting the services it needs from your current Internet provider?

With the NBN currently being installed across the country, there are now a greater range options for both small and large businesses.  There are many more providers than once was, and by reviewing the current service and performance, your business will stand to benefit not only in the level of service, but from significant savings on their annual costs.

Sterling IT is experienced in commercial based internet and wireless solutions and can assist you in auditing and reviewing your current service provider.  and advise and implement a better option based on your businesses individual needs. Sterling IT provides on-site surveys to ensure the solution we recommend is the best solution for you.

We cater not only small businesses, but schools, hotels, retail, universities and warehouses. Sterling IT also partners with NCC Solutions for larger projects in the Hotel and Restaurant industries.

Hardware Solutions

Sterling IT can also assist with the purchase a range of leading brands for any hardware products (modems,  routers, cables etc) and also provide all of the on-site installation requirements.

It’s important to plan your internet and deployment of wireless solutions carefully before making a decision. Contact Sterling IT today to book in an on-site survey or to discuss your businesses requirements.

Brands we use include:
  • Ruckus
  • Meraki
  • Fortinet