Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) market and customer agreement – November 2018

The Microsoft Cloud Agreement (MCA) protects partners, customers and Microsoft by providing the customer’s use rights, terms, and conditions granted for Microsoft Cloud product and service orders.

Proper execution of the MCA protects partners, customers and Microsoft by ensuring mutual alignment on many important topics including but not limited to security, privacy and data protection.

The confirmation process ensures transparency and alignment and allows Microsoft to better assist customers who need to promptly respond to regulatory inquiries.

Acceptance will be mandatory from November 2018. We strongly recommend you review and keep this link for any questions.

Select this link The Microsoft Cloud Agreement (MCA) and choose Asia/Australia, unless you have offices overseas.

From November 2018, you will get requests from our office for you to accept the license agreement from Microsoft. If you don’t, this will hold up your order until accepted.
More information will follow as it comes to hand.