Data Cabling and Server Storage Solutions

One of the things we often see when visiting a new customer site is a poor server environment.

It is critical that your server room or area is clean, cool and clutter free. This will ensure both the best performance of the server, but easy access with no OH&S issues for staff or contractors.

How does your server room look and feel now?

Below are some photos of before and after where Sterling IT has cleaned up one of our clients server environments.


By doing a clean up you As you see from above, we can find problems a lot quicker as well reducing your costs and downtime.

What We Do

  • Consult for air conditioning requirements
  • Supply and install data cabinets or racks
  • Complete relabel and tidy of data cables
  • Rack mount and rack mountable equipment
  • Non rack mountable equipment is placed on shelves
  • Setup cabinets for best air flow