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Sterling IT has a variety of different solutions it can implement to secure your businesses data and protect you from virus’s and other dangerous scams that face businesses on a daily basis.

This will allow safer, cleaner and less junk hitting your company and is filtered externally taking the pressures off your network as well as minimizing traffic to your organisation over the internet. But most importantly, it protects you* (*better than antivirus alone) from getting Trojans and Viruses via email Zero Day. This includes Cryptolocker and other encryption links. Nothing is guaranteed but this defense will certainly reduce it dramatically.

We are currently seeing extraordinarily huge volumes of JavaScript attachments being spammed out, which, if clicked on by users, lead to the download of a ransomware. Ransomware encrypts data on a hard drive, and then demands payment from the victim for the key to decrypt the data.

Our Spam Research Database saw around 4 million malware spams in the last seven days, and the malware category as a whole accounted for 18% of total spam arriving at our spam traps. The graph below shows hourly spam traffic for the malware category for the past 30 days – note the relatively low levels of activity to the left, and huge peaks on the right, representing the ransomware downloader campaigns. As you can see the campaigns are not continuous, but concentrated bursts, with peaks of 200K emails hitting our servers in a single hour.

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