What our customers say about Sterling IT and our services.

Brendma Australia Pty Ltd

Approximately 24 months ago we were experiencing some serious performance issues across our entire network. Countless attempts to resolve these issues with our then outsourced IT professionals would only amount in increased traffic through correspondence going back and forth and the corresponding invoices to reflect. Yet no improvements to performance and in many ways only a decline. After many months of this and no signs of improvement we contacted Sterling IT for a second opinion.

Mark Pace and his team were able to quickly identify some serious issues with the configurations and security of our network and produced an independent report to forward onto our then IT professionals. Rather than welcome the input they (predecessor) chose to debate every issue (whilst on the billing clock) to the point where we gave up. Net result was our network all but came to a grinding halt. The tipping point came when specific recommendations for security upgrades made by Sterling IT 6 months earlier were totally  ignored which ultimately resulted in a Cryto Virus entering our network and rendering our data useless.

At the onset of this virus being detected it looked as though we had lost everything. However, through determination of myself, Mark Pace (Sterling IT) and Danny at our ERP specialists Attkey, we were able to rebuild all but 2 weeks worth of data. Whilst that in itself sounds horrific, the alternative was much, much worse. BMA, Sterling and Attkey worked exceptionally well during this catastrophe and as a team were able to rebuild the entire data with the exception of 2 weeks which needed manually inputting.

We moved 100% across from our old It company to Sterling approx 12 months ago. Yes we are still having some issues, but they are known and we are, as a team working through these and very much enjoying the benefits of our decision to take our needs across to a company whom truly understands the needs of small to medium sized companies.

Thank you Mark and team for helping our business grow by being less involved with IT and more involved with our core business.

Tim Rosser, National Operations Manager, BMA Belting Australia

Equipment Traders

Sterling IT has been managing our IT systems since November 2016. Prior to cutover Mark & his team were well organised and diligent to make sure the transition stage would be as smooth as possible, and they succeeded.

Since coming on board we’ve received fast and professional service from the friendly team at Sterling IT and they have elevated our platform to run more efficiently. They have also proved to be a valuable asset to our bottom line.

I have found Mark Pace, director, to be honest and easy to work with. His suggestions are always welcomed as his knowledge is trusted and up to date.

I have no hesitation in recommending Sterling IT to partner your company for your IT requirements.

Alex Dimech, IT Manager, M&E Equipment Traders

Sydney Montessori School

This letter is to highly recommend the work of Sterling IT Services.

Sterling IT was recommended to me by Dell Australi as a respected channepartner after an enquiry made about technicalassistance regarding a server upgrade (entailing a full Microsoft Domain and network service migration to a new machine with additionainstallatio of a UPS).

After an initiaphone consultation wit Mark Pace, requirementwere gathered.  Mark exhibited excellent technical knowledge and organisational skills, and was able to propose a highly effective solution while always adhering to best practice within the parameters of ourorganisationarequirements. He was able to procure threquired hardware at education pricing and secure the required technical resources to carry out the project. He maintained constant communication throughout.

Technical Engineer Vadim Zhizhin executed the technicaphase of the project, again,always adhering to best practice within the parameters of our organisational  requirements.  Vadim exhibited excellent technical knowledge and was in constant communication  throughout the project. The preparation  work performed before the onsite phase saved 24 weeks of execution time.

Sterling IT were able to diligently stick to the project timeline that I  haproposed. Witthhigquality of their execution,  their on-site phase of the project was completed in quickerthan projected time which saved the school severadays of potential lost productivity due to potentiadowntime.

SterlinIT made a potentially very difficult transition from an antiquated system to a modern system as simple and as painless as possible  while keeping disruptions to an absolute  minimum.

have no hesitatioin recommending thservices of Sterling IT.

Frank Nesci – IT Officer, Inner Sydney MontessorSchool, 44 Smith St Balmain, NSW 2041

Northwest Packaging

Dear Mark,

Let me just say how amazed I was to learn from your IT introduction /orientation for into Sterling  I.T .  Having  attended all the sessions ( not that I had to), I realized that I had picked up points things that I had missed previously.

I believe this introduction has validity to any business out there. Whilst it is second nature to people like yourself in the I.T industry, other industries would benefit from your education in so many ways. I can only say that the proof was in the pudding when I observed in the presentation that even some of my own staff “ who I would have believed were computer savvy” were educated by your presentation and now have changed the way they do work, transact or handle not only the company computers but their own .

I also overheard two of my staff ( who are only in their early twenties ) state that they wish that they were taught this at school. I was gobsmacked!

We live in an era now where  computer technology is out stripping  our ability to understand how beneficial it can be to us all but also how vulnerable we are from not understanding how it can infiltrate our lives with negative agendas.

I would strongly recommend that this orientation /presentation be taken up by all employees in any company so they can be  “be brought up to speed” with what the I.T world is really up to and how we need to be proactive .

Thank you.
Robert Pellizzari, Northwest Packaging

Carnes Hill Dental Clinic

‘I have been a small business owner for 18 years and I especially enjoy dealing with other well organized, honest and hardworking business owners.  My dealings with SterlingIt have been always positive. I have found their organization and attention to detail to be the best of any company I have dealt with. The daily operations of my business is totally dependant upon my computer system functioning well. SterlingIt is always there (even after hours) to call for times of help. Their documentation and intra office communication is impeccable. Ultimately the end result is excellent service to their customers needs.

Computers have become an interregnal part of everyone’s life and we have all become dependent upon them whether for personal or business use. SterlingIt recognizes this and have implemented a wonderful support network and customer care. Their follow up service is also a wonderful and refreshing thought that tells their customers that SterlingIt cares.

I wish SterlingIt continued success and I am pleased to be associated with a fine company. Thank you for all your help!’

Dr Joseph Hanna, Carnes Hill Dental

Shaw’s Darwin Transport

‘SterlingIT, which we have had an ongoing relationship for the past 21 years, was critical to helping us cope with our sudden expansion….Our ultimate goal is always to reduce administration costs and save time, SterlingIT is critical to helping us achieve this.’

Shaws Darwin Transport

Altendorf Australia

‘Our perception at time was that SterlingIT was too small and didn’t have the capacity to service our needs so we ventured elsewhere…we underestimated the capacity of SterlingIT to meet our expectations. Since returning our business to their expert care, we have been able to continue our growth, confident they will maintain their excellent level of service no matter what the size of our organisation.’

Altendorf Australia

UBEECO Packaging Solutions

‘The result of SterlingIT’s advice and implementation meant they weren’t needed onsite all the time and with their billings significantly reduced we have made up thousands in lost profits and wasted admin resources. Our needs were looked after first and foremost over theirs. SterlingIT significantly reduced their billings on service calls saving us a huge amount.’

UBEECO Packaging Solutions