Phones – Unified Communication VoIP (Voice over IP) telephony.

Sterling IT has been provided IP telephony since 2018, and when Covid hit with work from home, our clients were able to just continue working without any disruption.
One of the biggest issues was staff using personal phones (mobiles) and displaying their numbers to customers.

With our solutions, using an app on the mobile, and using very little data, the office number is displayed no matter where they call from.

Webex Sterling IT

The solutions we offer are completely portable and work from anywhere* (*internet connection needed).

You can also use your laptop, a conventional IP phone, like Yealink or your mobile phone with an app.

However, the big thing clients are scared of is CONTRACTS and being locked into phone plans.
Sterling IT provide a 30 day contract, meaning cancel today or anytime, and your last bill will be the end of the following month. NO RISK!

We will be updating this page regularly with more information, and contact us to provide a free demonstration or just to get more information including a quotation.

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