Ensure business continuity and profitability with SD-WAN

Could your business operate if your office internet connection went offline?

Our team at Sterling IT understands the importance of keeping the lights on. One of the best ways you can keep operating “Business As Usual” in the event of an Internet outage is by investing in a backup Internet Connection with an “SD-WAN Bonder”. 

How does it work?

Like adding additional lanes to a freeway, SD-WAN allows you to tie multiple connections together for faster speeds. Using SD-WAN, no matter how many lanes you have, applications and the outside world see a single connection, one that is faster, more reliable and more intelligent as well as offering multi-line redundancy.


  • Remain operational if your primary Internet service is offline
  • Increase capacity of your Internet connection
  • Connect multiple branches into a single network for improved security and consolidate costs
  • Save the need to upgrade Internet plans or fibre builds as you can use your existing Internet connection. Have multiple branches? Tie them together under a single network with SD-WAN and say goodbye to expensive multi-site or MPLS services.
  • With Quality of Service (QoS), you can dedicate bandwidth to vital applications or systems and guarantee performance at peak usage
  • Be able to provide consistent high quality support and service with uninterrupted access to your business systems

If uptime and business continuity is important to you, contact us to learn more!