Sharing a dropbox account pros vs cons

A user is any person or role on your team with a unique email address. Each team member should have his or her own user license. 
Users can link their Dropbox accounts to as many of their devices as they’d like (PCs, phones, tablets, etc.) at no additional charge.

What’s the difference between Dropbox and Dropbox business?
Solo professionals can get a lot out of Dropbox Pro, and in some cases, they can use Dropbox Plus and get everything they need to keep their business of one running. But Dropbox Business has team features and provides tighter admin controls and sharing settings, and it’s designed for businesses.

Can I use the same login/user account for multiple people?

Yes, you can share one Dropbox account with multiple users.

There are some things to consider when you do this though which can be detrimental to company data and security of the dropbox and company files.

  1. If a user was to leave, it makes it very difficult to wipe the data from their devices.
    When a user account is deleted or suspended, we can move the data to another user and remote wipe all their devices for data security

When sharing a Dropbox account and a user leaves the company, we will have to remove all the devices that are connected to the Dropbox account and reset the passwords to determine that they no longer have access to the company files. Therefore, all users shared will be affected if this happens and need time to reset all users passwords and restore files deleted from all users in the “shared” account

If each user had its own individual licence, we could suspend and/or delete the Dropbox account and wipe the data from the devices when they next come online in a matter of seconds.

  1. If a user was to delete all the company documents, you can not determine who was to delete the files or move the files we can not determine which user has done this

Dropbox allows you to track which users delete files. If each user had its own induvial licence, we can pinpoint who deleted files in a matter of seconds

  1. File access security can be based on individuals rather than the shared account. If all users are to have the same access then this will work, but cannot be tracked.
  2. It is in breach of licensing and support as well.

Sterling IT recommend each user to have their own Dropbox account for security reasons as it is easy to delete someone’s account if they leave as well as can track who delete’s files etc…

What is the advantages of sharing account ?

  1. Save money but risk data and time losses – that’s it.