Apple releases iTunes 10.5

Apple releases iTunes 10.5 – SSO-AD2011-030.

12 October 2011

Software and platforms affected

The following software is affected

Apple iTunes prior to version 10.5

for the following operating system platforms:

Windows XP SP2

Windows Vista

Windows 7

What is the problem?

There is a bug in Apple iTunes software which, if not fixed, could result in your computer being attacked by criminals. Your personal and/or business information may be accessed for fraudulent or illegal purposes (eg, identity theft). Apple iTunes might crash and become unusable.

What we recommend you do

The problem can be easily fixed by updating to the latest version of the Apple iTunes software by starting iTunes, and clicking “Check for Update”. Alternatively, the latest version of Apple iTunes can be downloaded from the following location:

Where you can find more information

More information about these security bugs can be found here:


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