Security and protection for your business – Servers and Workstations

Security is key over holiday season and every other day.

With Christmas Holidays coming up fast, it is important to ensure that your systems are secure & protected. Please consider not only that your office is securely locked up, but also you have power protection, latest versions of a good antivirus solution, all your computers are automatically updated and monitored as well as cooling.


1. Ensure your servers are in a secure area where they are safe from unauthorised access to your office.

2. Ensure that you have a UPS on all network equipment including servers, switches, routers and even your phone system.

3. Ensure that the servers are kept at a cool constant temperature, especially if you are closed. Power is expensive, however cooling your servers and critical equipment is priceless.
(if you need air conditioning advice, we can assist with this as well.)

4. To protect from nasties, ensure that you have all your systems fully patched, not only with Microsoft Software Updates but also Third Party such as Adobe, Java, Flash and more. Ensuring that these applications and software is patched will reduce the risk of infections and attacks. Also ensure your antivirus is fully updated.

For all our Managed Clients, we will ensure updates are done for you to protect you best we possibly can.

5. Last but not least, ensure you have backups backups backups and backups. Not only have backups, but ensure you have an offsite copy as well.

From around $20 a month, we can offer an offsite backup solution to protect your data.


If you have any questions with the above, would like a quote or even would like to just discuss anything, please contact our office.
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