Skype wont logout or showing online when you believe you are offline on other devices

Do people say you are online with Skype when in fact you are offline?
After some research, I have found some commands that will Log you out of all places and also Show you where you are logged in.

  1. Sign out on all devices. (that you know of)
  2. Log in on one device (PC in my case).
  3. Open a chat windows and type /showplaces to see if I’m still logged in on other devices\sessions.
  4. /remotelogout to close all sessions (I had none, but I did this anyway).
  5. Set Skype to not log in automatically (auto sign-in) on any device.

The final step of disabling the auto sign-in into Skype did the trick.  I signed off and wasn’t showing online anymore.

I did verify that my Skype account is not linked with my Microsoft account before starting this process.  I know some steps are redundant but better to be prudent with the current state of Skype.

I was able to recreate the ‘always-on’ issue when I re-enabled the auto sign-in on my PC.  As soon as I disabled it and signed out I was once again showing offline.


Mark Pace