How to fix Yamaha AMP no power and not powering on RX-V3800 RX-V1900 RX-2700 RX-V1700 and many other models – no need for a service centre

If you want an answer, then come here first. Don’t bother getting shafted by a service center.

My Yamaha RX-V3800 just would not switch on yesterday. Had this unit about 8 years, so if it had gone to pasture it had done a good job over the years anyway. We use it for our Theatre system and every day radio, TV and for listening to our CD collection so it has been used countless hours over those years, so we really would rather bring it back to life.

Symptoms: I found that if I simply switched the receiver into standby power for 10 minutes or an hour it still would still not power up, but if I pulled out the power cord from the rear of the unit, then plugged back in after 5 or so minutes, then the unit would power up. Went through the user manual troubleshooting, and also trying the Yamaha system fault reset (under the front panel of the unit, you hold down the Tone and Straight buttons while also pressing the main power button on the front left. Hold these for 3 seconds and this resets the internal protection of the unit, if this is what has tripped). That was not the fix for me.

Called my local Yam service center. Min $150 looking fee for a quote, but they had not heard of my fault before (Yeh right), said that they would need to hold my unit, and will likely be 3 weeks before they get to it anyway after I drop it off.

Seeing this and other sites and videos about this self same fault, I thought why the hell not. Pulled out C4 from the right rear PSU power switch supply to the transformer, did not need to pull any PCB’s just the cover of the unit. As per other peoples comments, the cap is in a different spot on my PCB, but it is the same Green Cap (Pink/Orange in colour, they are just called a green cap).

Jaycar at just 80 cents each:

Took me about 15 minutes from taking out the first cover screw to replacing the cover after replacing the Green Cap.
Working RX-V3800 again

Links to other sources for this fault including the excited Aussie repair dude videoing his repair of another model Yammy with the same fault we are all getting. Love the comments this guys makes, funny fella. (Great video, but he talks a lot)

Thanks to everyone for this fix. Love it. Hope every Yammy owner finds this before getting shafted by the service centre (Who may not fix your unit anyway)

Source : OP54 from Whirlpool Forum.

25 thoughts on “How to fix Yamaha AMP no power and not powering on RX-V3800 RX-V1900 RX-2700 RX-V1700 and many other models – no need for a service centre

  1. Gary Metcalfe says:

    RX-V550 with same problem.
    Took me 2 weeks to get capacitor (10 off!) at a sensible price to Norway. (6GBP total with postage..UK ebay seller.)
    PCB layout is different, but the 22nF cap is at the top left of the PCB, next to the mains inlet connector.
    Measured the old cap….it was reading 6.8nF!!!
    Again, longest part of the job was getting to the screws to remove the case….I should have left longer wires…LOL!!!

  2. Jason says:

    Just replying to say thank you. I have an RX-V1900 same issues. Replaced the capacitor and works a treat. Thanks so much to all involved.

  3. Aleks says:

    Hello! I have Yamaha RX-V1300 and it doesn’t power on. Problem started with amp working for some time and then power off by self. Working time was shorter and shorter… now it power off like a second after i press on the power button and even display doesn’t light up shortly anymore.
    I hope someone have idea what it could be. I think yamaha amp have common problems. Thanks!

  4. Nathan says:

    Just tried this tonight, 40cents at Jaycar and about 10 mins to swap it over, didn’t even need to use any more solder, worked a treat, thanks mate!

  5. Jun says:

    Hello, great thread. I have a RX-V1067 and my sound has gone! It started with intermittent switching on or off but now, no output at all through the speakers or headphones etc. no matter what inputs. Powers up alright, picture all good. Also displays ‘decoder off’. Another thread suggested it could be a hardware issue – DTS chip? Any help would be appreciated.

    • Geoff says:

      Hi, got a Yamaha as501in protect mode, WAS my own fault extending a spkr cable whilst the amp WAS on(thought it WAS off)I have tried all of the usual turn off and count to 10 etc. Took the lid off to see if i had blown a fuse, only one fuse visible near the power supply, WAS ok,have unplugged different Things on the Mother board totry and reset it,no luck,no sign of burn out etc,Any help would be appreciated,have unplugged all spkrs etc still doing it,nothing on youtube on These 2 channel models,instruction manual useless.

  6. Jim miaczynski says:

    I have a yamaha rx-570,when i power up,i get a click,the only indicator light that comes on is the (Pure Direct),any ideas ? Woulf be appreciated,thanks jim m.Poo

  7. Jim miaczynski says:

    I have a yamaha rx-570,when i power up,i get a click,the only indicator light that comes on is the (Pure Direct),any ideas ? Woulf be appreciated,thanks jim m.

  8. Josh says:

    Was given a yamaha rx-v461 with speakers and a powered sub:
    When I plug it in, it will power on “hear the relay click” when you press the power/stanby button screen lights up then you hear a second click from the relaymaybe 2 sec later and the screen goes out and you can’t power it back up until you unplug the unit and plug it back in.

    Any help appriteated

  9. Sandile says:

    Morning Guys
    I just bougth my RX-V1067 as is from an action. When triying to power up i did no then i open it to check the fuse i found out that there is a missing component on the power supply the that is mounted to the heat sink.

    I do not know the part number your help will be appreciated.

  10. Zeeshan says:

    i have yamaha
    I have a Yamaha rx v2067 receiver with its red light on but when I turn on the remote don’t have any response any solution. Please help.

  11. Tony Ratcliffe says:

    I have an RX V677 and the fault seemed identical. I initially told that it’s a case of updating the firmware and carrying out a full rested which I managed to do but it still wouldn’t come on.
    Unfortunately on the 677 there’s no C4 capacitor similar to the one that you are looking at so I’ll have to keep searching or chuck it out. Pity

  12. shangani says:

    I am in Atlanta USA. I recently bought Yamaha RX-A660. Initially the sound was good. Week before it went to sleep mode. I did the setup to deactivate the sleep mode. It returned to normal and worked for some days. Then again it went to sleep mode. But this time I could not bring it up. It powers on and then cuts off by 5 seconds. I disconnected all the speakers and tried. No use. Appears like the same C4 problem. Will u advice me to solve the problem. Thank u in advance.

  13. Kevin Shannon says:

    I have a Yamaha RXV630 receiver. If I plug it in, it comes on for a moment then shuts down. Does this sound like the problem you had?

    • Mark Pace says:

      The problem we had was it was completely dead. However, this capacitor can cause that issue as well. As its only a few cents, you don’t have much to lose – takes 10 mins to fix.

      • Kevin Shannon says:

        Thanks for the info. Doesn’t look like Jaycar ships to the US though. I’ll try to find the same part from another seller.

    • Paul says:

      Just tried this fix on my Yamaha RX-V1600. Worked!. Didn’t even have to remove the circuit board as it is easily accessible after removing the top from the amp.
      Jaycar still stick the part & gave it to me the part for free as wasn’t worthwhile runnng it through the till.
      Thanks for the tip.

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