How to fix Yamaha AMP no power and not powering on RX-V3800 RX-V1900 RX-2700 RX-V1700 and many other models – no need for a service centre

If you want an answer, then come here first. Don’t bother getting shafted by a service center.

My Yamaha RX-V3800 just would not switch on yesterday. Had this unit about 8 years, so if it had gone to pasture it had done a good job over the years anyway. We use it for our Theatre system and every day radio, TV and for listening to our CD collection so it has been used countless hours over those years, so we really would rather bring it back to life.

Symptoms: I found that if I simply switched the receiver into standby power for 10 minutes or an hour it still would still not power up, but if I pulled out the power cord from the rear of the unit, then plugged back in after 5 or so minutes, then the unit would power up. Went through the user manual troubleshooting, and also trying the Yamaha system fault reset (under the front panel of the unit, you hold down the Tone and Straight buttons while also pressing the main power button on the front left. Hold these for 3 seconds and this resets the internal protection of the unit, if this is what has tripped). That was not the fix for me.

Called my local Yam service center. Min $150 looking fee for a quote, but they had not heard of my fault before (Yeh right), said that they would need to hold my unit, and will likely be 3 weeks before they get to it anyway after I drop it off.

Seeing this and other sites and videos about this self same fault, I thought why the hell not. Pulled out C4 from the right rear PSU power switch supply to the transformer, did not need to pull any PCB’s just the cover of the unit. As per other peoples comments, the cap is in a different spot on my PCB, but it is the same Green Cap (Pink/Orange in colour, they are just called a green cap).

Jaycar at just 80 cents each:

Took me about 15 minutes from taking out the first cover screw to replacing the cover after replacing the Green Cap.
Working RX-V3800 again

Links to other sources for this fault including the excited Aussie repair dude videoing his repair of another model Yammy with the same fault we are all getting. Love the comments this guys makes, funny fella. (Great video, but he talks a lot)

Thanks to everyone for this fix. Love it. Hope every Yammy owner finds this before getting shafted by the service centre (Who may not fix your unit anyway)

Source : OP54 from Whirlpool Forum.

134 thoughts on “How to fix Yamaha AMP no power and not powering on RX-V3800 RX-V1900 RX-2700 RX-V1700 and many other models – no need for a service centre

  1. Jörgen Lindqvist says:


    I need info if this capacitor replacement can help my RX-V777 that won’t power on.
    I have had this issue for a while. Either it is completely dead or it shuts off after a few seconds.
    I have opened the cover and compared the circuitboard with the pictures in this article, but it is not the same.
    Shall I order these capacitors and just try to replace ? Is there a chance for success ?
    I hope to hear from you.

  2. Ivan says:

    can this issue cause the fuse to blow ? mine has two of them with glue connecting them but the fuse was blown as well

  3. JP says:

    Any idea if this could be the same fix for my TSR-8750? The TSR and RX-V series appear to be similar from what I read online. Mine just stopped working last night. No light, no sound, nothing. Tried the factory reset holding down Tone Control + Info + Power, which has worked in the past during an electrical surge. This time – nothing. Have never soldered before, but will give a go if it saves me hundreds….only 3 years old!

  4. Harley says:

    I have a RX-V661. Would not power up. Checked all connections and no issue. after finding this post I removed covers and searched for the 22nF cap. A bit more dismantle to get board out for de-solder of cap. Test of cap was 5nF. Went to Jaycar NZ and $1 for new one. Reassemble and working again. Thanks for posting fixes.

  5. Shanan Powless says:

    Has anyone had this issue and the C4 capacitor not fixed it? I have a PS1 68H code. Changed the capacitor. Same code. Any help would be appreciated

  6. Jeff says:

    Thanks very much for your excellent article.

    Recently, the power where I live randomly turned off and then on again about 5 times in quick succession.

    This tripped the surge protection on my Yamaha RX-V2085, and ever since any time I try to turn it on the red power led just blinks for a while and nothing happens.

    Contacted the power company saying what the hell? My av receiver is now broken, but fine print and you know the rest. 🙁

    My contents insurance has an excess of $750, so I opened it up and found the equivalent circuit board at the back left where the power connected, but it’s different and really couldn’t see the C4/green cap that is orangey…

    So I got scared, put the cover back on and came running back here to see if I could get help fixing this.

    Seriously, I’ve gone from 7.2.2 to the TV for sound… Like a caveman! Lol…

    If someone could please help I’d be SO grateful!

    Thank you.

    PS: that guy has to be the most Aussie Aussie in the history of Aussies. Seriously, we don’t all talk like the crocodile hunter…

  7. S says:

    I have exactly the same problem with my RXV581. It has two of these caps sandwiched together with heatsink paste. Unfortunately the caps seem to be hard to source in the UK without paying a premium. I have managed to get hold of 223J, though, does anyone know if having 5% tolerance instead of 10% will make a difference, or should I just pay the extortionate price? (13.95)

    • Jeff says:

      Did you manage to get what you need?
      I have a RX-V581 too, and I think I should be able to grab some for you as I’m in Australia.

      Let me know if I can help. 🙂

  8. Finn says:

    Had this exact scenario happen with my RX-V861. No power no mater what I tried.
    Read the info, watched the video, brought the replacement capacitor and within 10 minutes everything was working again.
    I am so appreciative to have come across this information, thanks heaps!

  9. Anthony says:

    I have a yamaha RX-V363 Amp the power does not come on. I have checked it and once I connect the power to the transformer the power drops to zero. Can you please advise how to get it rectified. There is one cap Ac 103 in between will it resolve the problem if I replace it.

  10. Martin says:

    Hi, I had a simliar problem with NX-N500 powered musiccast speakers.

    In the primary speaker I found C3 and C7 faulty. Secondary just C3 faulty.

    3 caps replaced and speakers now working again.

  11. jj says:

    rx v1800 was not turning on and gave it to a old serviceman who still has a good reputation.. turns out as he said, the units processor is dead and gonna cost around 50$

    I wish I did try service menu combination before giving to him but any way.
    Is it possible problem to these units?
    I havent read or heard of any processor failure on the internet. got a bit suspicious but anyway gonna have to rely on serviceman. maybe it was a really easy fix who knows.

  12. Truong says:

    I have a RX-V583 which will not power on.
    When the unit is switched on with the power button, the power light flashes for a whil Ps2-prt-131

  13. Trung says:

    I have a RX-V483 which will not power on.
    When the unit is switched on with the power button, the power light flashes for a whil.ps2-prt-131

  14. Devanir says:

    Hey, glad to see an active forum about Yamaha receiver power issues. I have an old but gold RX-V867 which performed greatly until last Saturday. A lightning strike caused it to go kaputt. Actually, and it is the first time I see this, it short circuited the energy plug. This means that I cannot even plug it in an outlet. I measured the plug using an ohmmeter and voilà: close to zero volts. Have anyone seen anything like this? I haven’t actually opened the unit as I am contacting the energy company for insurance first. Thanks in advance for any insight anyone can give me.

    • Joe P says:

      I have a Yamaha HTR-4066 and same thing happened to me and it also killed my blu ray player and an exercise bike. There are ways to reset the receiver with being plug in, but none of that has worked for me. I’ve been searching the internet, but I am no repair expert or even know what I am doing.

    • Diane says:

      This is exactly what happened to me up here in the Rockies. After lightening strike everything recovered except receiver but none of “hold down these buttons” worked

  15. Carl says:

    Hi, I recently purchased Yamaha rx-880 AV Receiver and for an unknown reason it is not powering up.

    I checked the power cord and it is ok. Can you assist me in this matter?

    Your assistance is appreciated.

  16. Tom says:

    Thank you for the really valuable hint.
    Just fixed a Yamaha NX-V1600 within 10 minutes!!!
    Of course downloaded a electronical diagram before and validated.
    Merry Christmas!

  17. Matt says:

    I had my rxv1600 repaired approximately 7 years ago for the same problem and it cost me $200. I wasn’t upset at the cost as I understand the time the tech spent to diagnose the problem. 2 years ago it started having the same problems. I pack it up and used my old marantz instead and I was ready to scrap the Yamaha. Until I came across this forum. Thank you. $0.80 cents and 10 minutes of work later and it is working again.

  18. David White says:

    I cant thank this person enough. the eighty cent capacitor from Jaycar fixed my Rx-2700B. The funny thing was when I went into Jaycar and asked for the capacitor, the salesman said “fixing a Yamaha receiver?” lol, looks like the word has gotten around

  19. Nick Rivers says:

    C4 Capacitor for this article is 223K 0.022uf 630v

    For Canada, United States and Japan units, C4 value is 473K 630V 47nF 0.047uF

    Most of the models outside of US, Canada and Japan use the 223K.

  20. Mark says:

    I have an RX-V3800. Stopped turning on a week ago.

    Was about the take it to a Yamaha service center when I read this page.

    80 cents at Jaycar and it works perfectly. You saved me heaps.

    Thank you.

  21. Rick says:

    I have a Yamaha RXA3060 that I just purchased that does nothing. No click and no display. Guy I purchased from said lightning hit and he had it plugged into a surge protector and all of his other equipment was ok except this unit. I have cover off and all looks normal. Any ideas guys please help. Im itching to get this beast going.

  22. Willem de Bock says:

    I have a RX-V595 receiver with the On then off issue and read about the c233 cap.
    Mine does not have the C233 cap and am thinking do i have the same issue but with my 2 caps at location C837 and C842 being replaced will this be a similar fix.

    • Mark says:

      Hey Willem, I have a RXV777 that also does the same and does not have the C4 cap. I changed the C837 and C842 caps with no result. Could you figure out what your issue was in the end?

  23. Simon Conran says:

    Brilliant – thanks so much – have the same issue with my RX-V3900 – which is a beast! I did not want to throw it out. It was a 10 minutes job. It took me longer the drive to Jaycar.

    • David says:

      I recently turned on my RX-V2077 that hasn’t been used in sometime due to moving house and i powered it on with nothing connected simply to connect to the network to upgrade its firmware and it went bang. In checking the power board it has blown resistors R3502, R3503, R3511, R3514, R3588, R3581, i also suspect the fast switching diode to be damage due to the close proximity to the blast site, also skeptical about the Power Mosfet, before all these as there seems to be some corrosion on the legs of it and the transformer legs facing it, everything else is fine. Anybody else had this issue, i have a service manual but i am having trouble finding the correct details on the last 4 Resistors.

      • Tom says:

        Hi David, I have the RX-V3077 and almost tge identical thing has happened except haven’t got around to seeing what the damage is within. I’d had it sitting idle and unplugged for about 3 months, then plugged in and turned it on, with NO Speakers or RCA’s etc plugged in, and bang plus a flash from near where power cord plugs in at back. Now it’s dead…… nothing. Did you manage to repair yours in the end and how difficult was it? Thanks

        • David Williams says:

          Hi Tom I ended up replacing the power board I got from Yamaha it came as 3 boards strangely. The real power board, and 2 others which I was yet to fit yet now feel I may have to because I now have a working unit but it doesn’t switch on any of the speakers it’s like to the unit none are connected yet there is power there because if I turn the unit up and get close to the speakers I can hear them. This could also be a DSP issues as this unit has 2 such DSP that where known to be faulty on many brands of receivers. The other 2 parts was the entire front unit including lcd screen with the power controls scene, zones everything and another oard with all the yellow rca and component plus which I don’t even use. I don’t know why you get l this but it is known as the pcb assy operation kit (zk637200) and Yamaha had to send it twice because the first unit came all smashed. More than welcome to bounce ideas of some of you guys in a new to this caper as well and would love to revive this unit. I could easily buy new but until all this hdmi 2.1 issues and so many promised features coming in future firmware updates I’d rather wait until I could buy something that does all it says off the bat. By the way I have the service manuals for these units as well!


  24. Willy says:

    Hello I have a RX-V461 but when I press the power it was nothing turn on. Even it doesn’t have the “click” sound. can you tell me where is the problem? please.

  25. James says:

    Not sure if there is a similar solution for the RX A1000 (similar to the 1067)?
    The power supply board on the side doesn’t have any C4 chips ..

  26. j says:

    I brought mine to a repair center here in Baton Rouge, ET electronics. I asked to buy capacitor from him but said he does not sell anything. Had three items, first a car amp. he said not repairable couldnt get parts. Its only some caps and resitors etc right. Then my klipsch sub woofer same response. Last my yammy and again he is about to tell me same thing and I said its a common problem with cap. he looked me straight faced and said with out even looking, “it will need this circuit board prob $2-3 hundred. Screw rip of repair shops! Thanks

    • Mark Pace says:

      The issue is time to diagnose vs parts cost. As a computer technician, we have seen this too where our recommendation for an intermittent fault was the replace the system or rebuild Windows. It end up being a video card issue on board however the time to diagnose would have outweighed the cost to just replace, even being 5 years old. However with the AMP, this fix is awesome and saved people hundreds of dollars.
      I was just about to sell my one on ebay as not working for $50 but when I resolved it, I had to post.
      We do IT and this post is one of the most popular on fixing Yamaha AMPS and making so many people happy 🙂
      Happy New Year

  27. Anoop says:

    Hi Christian,

    Did you manage to find a solution for this issue? Even I have an rx-v577 but not sure which capacitor should I be checking for in the circuit board. Any pointers would be of great help.

    Anoop Ram.

  28. Najib S Khairallah says:

    Hello Mark,
    To make a long story short I need to replace the power supply board of my Yamaha RX-A2020. Would you have an idea where I could buy such an item?
    Thank you

  29. Steve says:

    Just used this fix for my Yamaha RXV3800, worked brilliantly! Cheap, quick, and easy. Thank you for maintaining this fix/instructions on the internet, very much appreciated.

  30. Christian Thomas says:

    Hi Mark, stumbled across this genius discussion and hoping you can advise before I start replacing bits of circuitry.

    I have the same issue with my RX-V577 but my board is different to what’s being mentioned so am I’m unsure which cap I should be looking at:

    – Right side of the board (next to the chassis and the power cable): a pair of orange caps kind of glued together with what looks like white paint and numbered C5408 and C5409 on the board. One of the caps has ‘MPE473.k 400 S1 M’ on it. The caps look the same size as in the video you linked to.

    – Bottom left of the board is a single, smaller orange cap numbered C5405 on the board and ‘CD100 153j’ printed on the cap.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks

  31. saul barraza says:

    My Yamaha RX V379 Receiver will not turn on. Was watching TV and it shut off twice during the movie.. then there was a power outage a week after now it won’t power on. I did try the Tone/Straight and power button for the 3 seconds but still won’t work.. any advice?

  32. jay says:

    yamaha rx-v677 with an error “dc prt:255 H”, what does this mean? Was turning on and powering off a few seconds later, now when pushing power the light just blinks

  33. Marty says:

    I have a Yamaha RV-V500D power light comes on but flickers when i try to turn the amp on.Have tried the power,tone ,straight button push for 3 seconds but no different, i am no electrical minded so is there any thing else that may work or shall i just take it to a repairer.
    thanks in advance
    Marty in lockdown Victoria Australia.

  34. Brammetje online says:

    Thanks you for sharing this valuable knowledge. I just repaired my yamaha rx-v457 following your guide and am currently listening to my favourite tunes. On to the next 15+ years of quality amplified sounds 😉

    • Christian Thomas says:

      Hi I have a RX-V577 with symptoms very similar to this. After the 1.6a fuse blew, I replaced it but no life from the amp. The new fuse is getting power and not blowing so the problem is elsewhere.

      After a bit of poking around I found ‘C5405’ on the board, which is the closest to the ‘C405′ being mentioned in this discussion. The cap certainly looks like the ’22nF 630VDC’ being mentioned, but the number on it reads ‘CD100 153J’.

      Is this the right location and the right capacitor?

      I’m no electrician so before I start ripping parts out of my amp, it would be great if someone infinitely more knowledgeable than me could advise.


  35. Bansi says:

    Hi everyone, I hope you can help me with this.
    My HTR 3067 won’t turn on. It suddenly turned off while using it. It also has a previous problem, when I press some other button like “tone control” or “input”, it automatically shuts off.

    I already remove all connected speakers and other devices but still won’t turn on.

  36. Tara Hall says:

    Hi Mark and Everyone.
    Would love some help with my issue that may be similar?
    I have a Yamaha HTR-2067 that does not power on at all. I think it never has. It has been in storage ever since purchase. Should I try replace the “green cap”? and is it possible that mine is more a rounded shape and blue in colour? Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks

  37. Dave C says:

    Similar weird issue: RX-V373 that has lost audio but will happily play video. Is this also likely to be a capacitor issue?

  38. Glenn says:

    Hi Mark
    Your an absolute legend. I’m one happy reader that stumbled across your post.
    I have a Yamaha RX-V2700 amp that has been out of action with the same issue as yours. I took it to a technician and paid the minimum fee just to troubleshoot and give me a quote for repair. He told me it was the transformer and it was going to cost more than it was now worth to fix it.
    It sat on the shelf at home for about 4 years until reading your post. Similar experience to Paul, Jaycar gave me the capacitor and it took me no time at all to remove the old and solder in the new. When I turned the power back on to the amp and it lit up my family told me my reaction was priceless. Unbelievable… I don’t know much about electronics but followed your instructions and had success.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to post.

  39. Colin Hartley says:

    I have a RX-V583 which will not power on.
    When the unit is switched on with the power button, the power light flashes for a while. The manual says it is in protection mode and I must call an agent. I have tried holding down the straight/tone buttons while powering up but still no fix.
    Can someone please help me?

  40. Joe krimmer says:

    I have the RX-V581 and having the same power issues. Holding tone, straight and power at the same time has not worked. Power supply cord and the green cap fix will have to be my next step! Will advise!

  41. Paul Cummins says:

    Just looking for some advice, do you think the above solution would remedy my issue?
    For years now I have owned a rx-v559 yamaha, but recently the receiver just won’t turn on, no power whatsoever.
    Hope you can help,

    • Åge says:

      Yes, it probably would!
      I have just fixed a Yamaha RX-V659.
      The very same cap was defective.
      The 659 is the same as 559. Few specifications are different but not the build.

  42. Martyn says:

    So pleased I came across this advice as my RX-V1600 died during the lockdown and simply would not power on. Just an occasional click could be heard when attempting to turn on – all those hours of Disney+ movies with no surround!

    Sourced some capacitors online for about £5. Don’t think I have used a soldering iron for 25 years, but I dug out my old case of PC tools and fired it up – nervously melting away the solder on the old capacitor and then fixing in the new one. Then the moment of truth as I plugged it back in and – woohoo, back to life!

    Thank you very much for the tip – would otherwise have been blowing £500+ on a new amp!

  43. Jimbob67 says:

    Can I just say a big thank you. RXV1700 here, identical problem. Was quoted $400 just to look at it and “oh it really could be anything and I might still not be able to fix it”. Problem fixed with an 80 cent part and 2 minutes of soldering. Again, massive thank you.

  44. Anoop says:

    Hi All,
    I have an RX-V577. But not able to find the capacitor in PCB mentioned in this thread. The problem is more or less same as it doesn’t power on. Could you please help me?

  45. Achyu Kumar says:

    Hi all, I would like some help with my Yamaha htr 3064 which won’t turn on after warning me about speaker cables and turning off by itself. Now it is completely dead. I have opened it up and tested few of the capacitors with multimeter. The blue cap seems faulty and so is one of the green caps. What else I need to test and replace. Any ideas please?

  46. David Kelly says:

    Hi folks,

    I’ve been looking around for some info as my RX-A3000 has had a similar issue. It has been playing up but finally died this morning. It turned itself off for the first time, and I was able to turn it on via the remote 2/3 times within 5 secs but it would keep switching off after the ‘Main On’ display. After that, it was dead.

    The PCB is slightly different on mine, and the 22nF caps are labeled C2001 and C2003. I did desolder one of them and tested it at 22nF, and was able to test the other one whilst it was in the circuit and got 22nF as well once the other one was out. Is it possible that they test OK, but are still not working as they should?

    I have tested the power coming from the board and the 4-pin power to the digital board is showing 5.5V, as it should. The 6 pin to the digital board is showing nothing. This power is fed from the same circuit as the two 22nF green caps… I believe this 6 pin should have power for standby so I think I’ve narrowed the problem down.

    One other thing, I tested the 2-pin AC connection which heads to the main power transformer. This is showing 240V across the two pins, which means that the relay coil is pulled in or something a bit weird is going on. This relay also has a 0.01uF mains suppression cap in parallel around the relay, so perhaps that is faulty.

    Any ideas or comments would be greatly appreciated – I’ve already been to the Yamaha site today looking at the new models but I can’t justify dropping $3k on a new one when I’m sure it’s something small that’s the issue.

    • Jailson says:

      I have same issues with A3000.
      I’m testing all power supply capacitors and I wasn’t able to fix, not yet.
      Would you like to try the electrical schematics? I have one.

      • Justin Dwyer says:

        Guys did you ever figure this out? Have the exact issue with my RX-A3000. Swapped out the two caps – no joy.

    • Justin Dwyer says:

      David, Jailson – I have an RX-A3000 with the same issue. Did you ever get a fix for this. Did you try replacing both caps at C2001 and C2003? Many thanks


    • Gavin Phuah says:

      I have the RX A3000 with this problem as well. Looks like C2001 and C2003 are the equivalent to the C4 in other models. Did anyone find a fix?

  47. Tim RIce says:

    Great article and has got a couple of my Receivers up and running again – thanks you.

    However I’m now having the problem with a HTR-6063
    Opening this one up I can’t find the same resistor. Anybody know what the similar part would be and where is it located in the unit. I really don’t want to toss this Receiver knowing full well it’s only a $0.80c part but not going to take it to a service place and pay the charges they’ll ask its probably not worth it.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Tim ……

    • Tara says:

      Hi Tim, Just wondering if you were able to fix your JTR-6063? I have a similar issue with my HTR-2067. I also do not know exactly which part to replace and which capacitor to replace it with. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks, Tara

  48. Peter B says:

    Thank you. It is amazing or maybe disgusting that such an expensive sophisticated piece of equipment that can stop working due to the failure of a part that costs less than $1.
    While I was replacing the Capacitor I also fixed the volume control. Found a video online for that too.

  49. Darren Portelli says:

    Hi Mark , thanks for the info , mine it shows in the app of yamaha , shows that in stand by but its not power on i will do that trick (Yamaha system fault reset (under the front panel of the unit, you hold down the Tone and Straight buttons while also pressing the main power button on the front left. Hold these for 3 seconds and this resets the internal protection of the unit, if this is what has tripped) and see if i get it fix 🙂 by the way im from a small island in europe and your surname its local are your family from here too ? 🙂

    • Mark Pace says:

      Hi Darren
      Thanks for your comments.
      Located in Australia and Maltese but hear it originates (name) from Italy actually
      Have a lot of Portelli friends too

  50. Piter Sinyoman says:

    Hello, I have the same problem on my Yamaha VX 2700, all indicators are not on, pure direct is the only indicator that is on. Have you found a solution on your device? if you have got the solution, please inform me. thanks.

  51. Matt says:

    Thanks, this worked a treat on my RX-N600 receiver which had been dead for a while. The cap was still 80c and in stock at Jaycar

  52. Gary Metcalfe says:

    RX-V550 with same problem.
    Took me 2 weeks to get capacitor (10 off!) at a sensible price to Norway. (6GBP total with postage..UK ebay seller.)
    PCB layout is different, but the 22nF cap is at the top left of the PCB, next to the mains inlet connector.
    Measured the old cap….it was reading 6.8nF!!!
    Again, longest part of the job was getting to the screws to remove the case….I should have left longer wires…LOL!!!

  53. Jason says:

    Just replying to say thank you. I have an RX-V1900 same issues. Replaced the capacitor and works a treat. Thanks so much to all involved.

  54. Aleks says:

    Hello! I have Yamaha RX-V1300 and it doesn’t power on. Problem started with amp working for some time and then power off by self. Working time was shorter and shorter… now it power off like a second after i press on the power button and even display doesn’t light up shortly anymore.
    I hope someone have idea what it could be. I think yamaha amp have common problems. Thanks!

  55. Nathan says:

    Just tried this tonight, 40cents at Jaycar and about 10 mins to swap it over, didn’t even need to use any more solder, worked a treat, thanks mate!

  56. Jun says:

    Hello, great thread. I have a RX-V1067 and my sound has gone! It started with intermittent switching on or off but now, no output at all through the speakers or headphones etc. no matter what inputs. Powers up alright, picture all good. Also displays ‘decoder off’. Another thread suggested it could be a hardware issue – DTS chip? Any help would be appreciated.

    • Geoff says:

      Hi, got a Yamaha as501in protect mode, WAS my own fault extending a spkr cable whilst the amp WAS on(thought it WAS off)I have tried all of the usual turn off and count to 10 etc. Took the lid off to see if i had blown a fuse, only one fuse visible near the power supply, WAS ok,have unplugged different Things on the Mother board totry and reset it,no luck,no sign of burn out etc,Any help would be appreciated,have unplugged all spkrs etc still doing it,nothing on youtube on These 2 channel models,instruction manual useless.

  57. Jim miaczynski says:

    I have a yamaha rx-570,when i power up,i get a click,the only indicator light that comes on is the (Pure Direct),any ideas ? Woulf be appreciated,thanks jim m.Poo

    • Piter Sinyoman says:

      Hello, I have the same problem on my Yamaha VX 2700, all indicators are not on, pure direct is the only indicator that is on. Have you found a solution on your device? if you have got the solution, please inform me. thanks.

  58. Jim miaczynski says:

    I have a yamaha rx-570,when i power up,i get a click,the only indicator light that comes on is the (Pure Direct),any ideas ? Woulf be appreciated,thanks jim m.

    • Piter Sinyoman says:

      Hello, I have the same problem on my Yamaha VX 2700, all indicators are not on, pure direct is the only indicator that is on. Have you found a solution on your device? if you have got the solution, please inform me. thanks.

  59. Josh says:

    Was given a yamaha rx-v461 with speakers and a powered sub:
    When I plug it in, it will power on “hear the relay click” when you press the power/stanby button screen lights up then you hear a second click from the relaymaybe 2 sec later and the screen goes out and you can’t power it back up until you unplug the unit and plug it back in.

    Any help appriteated

  60. Sandile says:

    Morning Guys
    I just bougth my RX-V1067 as is from an action. When triying to power up i did no then i open it to check the fuse i found out that there is a missing component on the power supply the that is mounted to the heat sink.

    I do not know the part number your help will be appreciated.

  61. Zeeshan says:

    i have yamaha
    I have a Yamaha rx v2067 receiver with its red light on but when I turn on the remote don’t have any response any solution. Please help.

  62. Tony Ratcliffe says:

    I have an RX V677 and the fault seemed identical. I initially told that it’s a case of updating the firmware and carrying out a full rested which I managed to do but it still wouldn’t come on.
    Unfortunately on the 677 there’s no C4 capacitor similar to the one that you are looking at so I’ll have to keep searching or chuck it out. Pity

  63. shangani says:

    I am in Atlanta USA. I recently bought Yamaha RX-A660. Initially the sound was good. Week before it went to sleep mode. I did the setup to deactivate the sleep mode. It returned to normal and worked for some days. Then again it went to sleep mode. But this time I could not bring it up. It powers on and then cuts off by 5 seconds. I disconnected all the speakers and tried. No use. Appears like the same C4 problem. Will u advice me to solve the problem. Thank u in advance.

  64. Kevin Shannon says:

    I have a Yamaha RXV630 receiver. If I plug it in, it comes on for a moment then shuts down. Does this sound like the problem you had?

    • Mark Pace says:

      The problem we had was it was completely dead. However, this capacitor can cause that issue as well. As its only a few cents, you don’t have much to lose – takes 10 mins to fix.

      • Kevin Shannon says:

        Thanks for the info. Doesn’t look like Jaycar ships to the US though. I’ll try to find the same part from another seller.

    • Paul says:

      Just tried this fix on my Yamaha RX-V1600. Worked!. Didn’t even have to remove the circuit board as it is easily accessible after removing the top from the amp.
      Jaycar still stick the part & gave it to me the part for free as wasn’t worthwhile runnng it through the till.
      Thanks for the tip.

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