ClamCase Pro for Apple iPad mini with bluetooth keyboard case – Don’t need a laptop anymore – Great for education, business and home

The iPad keyboard… minified

Capable. Powerful. Portable.
The all new keyboard case pushes your device’s productivity into overdrive while maintaining its sleek and lightweight package.
Add unmatched levels of efficiency without compromising your typing experience.
Introducing ClamCase Pro for iPad mini.

With a responsive keyboard, protective polycarbonate shell and a versatile 360° stand, ClamCase has your iPad covered with unmatched versatility, style and protection. Snaps easily into the ClamCase when you want it and out when you don’t. Connectivity is easy: one touch pairing automatically syncs the keyboard case in seconds. Elevated, island style keys provide a crisp and responsive typing experience. Stunning aluminum: sleek, thin and remarkably light. Patented 360° hinge: enjoy your favorite games, movies and apps at any angle. Automatic wake and sleep function.

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How to Block Porn on iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch – Adult Filter

Business’, Parents and users looking to block porn on the iPhone and iPad should be first in line to update to iOS 7.

Apple includes enhanced parental controls on iOS 7 including an iPad and iPhone porn block feature that can restrict the ability of users to access websites with adult material.

Like any internet filter, this iPhone porn block feature isn’t going to be perfect, but in our tests the iOS 7 porn filter did a good job of preventing access to questionable websites.

This is a free feature in iOS 7 and it is at the system level so it can block porn and other adult themed websites throughout the device without requiring the user to use a specific browser.

The iPhone porn block feature is new in iOS 7.

The iPhone porn block feature is new in iOS 7.

In our testing, the iPhone porn block mode even carries over to Google Chrome on the iPhone, so kids and users can’t just download a new browser to get around this.

First off you will need to update to iOS 7 to use the Adult Web Filtering feature. This is a new feature in iOS 7, and it is a free update.

When you have iOS 7 installed the following steps will get you to the point where you can block adult material on the iPhone and iPad.

Settings -> General -> Enable Restrictions -> Websites -> Limit Adult Content

This will prompt you to enter a pass code, and you should make it one that is different from the user’s unlock code, or they can turn it on and off at will. When prompted create a secret code that the user will not know.

Parental controls in iOS 7 let users block porn on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Parental controls in iOS 7 let users block porn on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

To turn off the iPhone porn blocking feature in iOS 7, enter the pass code and turn restrictions off. If the pass code is locked you may need to reset the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Because no Internet filter is perfect, the parent or administrator can manually block and allow certain websites always. Enter these in the settings menu, or enter the pass code when browsing to add an attempted address to the list.

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