Cannot RDP using OSX. RpcOverHttpEndpointException: 2, Your connection was denied because of a Resource Access Policy (TS_RAP). Please contact your server administrator


After spending many hours trying to resolve a Mac OSX system remoting to a 2012 R2 RDS/TS Server, we have found the fix.

When remoting in you may get the following error:
Cannot RDP using OSX. RpcOverHttpEndpointException: 2, Your connection was denied because of a Resource Access Policy (TS_RAP). Please contact your server administrator

This error is with Microsoft Remote Desktop on a Mac with version 8.0.28 that had been upgraded from 8.0.26.

Interestingly we didn’t have the problem on a fresh client that had 8.0.28 installed fresh and not upgraded from an earlier version.

Navigate and delete or move the following folder: (NOTE: doing so will delete all your preconfigs saved currently)


Then the next time that you load the client, you get a completely fresh client version, including first run prompts etc. You will need to re-create the profile and gateway however.

After doing that, we no longer get the ‘login failed’ popup.

It seems that something in the version upgrade doesn’t correctly upgrade the settings files, causing the issue. But a fresh setup works.

We haven’t yet found out exactly which file causes the issue however we have tested and can confirm this fix allows the system to connect and work.


Credit: Tony “tbigby” Bigby

Fortinet: Fortigate Service and Support Policy – Life Cycle Update from 1st October 2015

This document is provided by Fortinet Corporation and shown here for customer and staff information only.

This document is intended to outline the policy that Fortinet has established for the activation date of warranty
and support. Renewals of support contracts will start from the end of the previous support contract.

In Summary
• Product warranty and support starts at the EARLIER of the following events:
−− At time of registration
−− At first point when unit will connect with Fortinet and request updates
−− If these two events do not occur within 100 days of the shipment of product from Fortinet, the
hardware, service and support will be auto-activated 100 days from Fortinet shipment to Distributor
• At initial power-up it is HIGHLY recommended that the customer follow the registration process to ensure
timely updates and support.

Warranty/Support start is tied directly to the ship date or activation connection with Fortinet. Warranty is
the base level of coverage on the hardware platform. Fortinet’s warranty is included in its End User License

The start of support is tied to the timing of hardware shipment or activation, but a maximum of 100 days grace
period is provided in EMEA/APAC. Support is considered “insurance” in many ways, meaning it is there in case
something goes wrong, hence it is important that the support agreement starts around the time product is
received and doesn’t wait to start until an issue comes up.

The start date for bundles will follow the warranty/support policy above.

Effective Date
This new policy applies to products purchased and shipped from Fortinet on or after October 1st, 2015.


Life Cycle Policy Update

Fortinet is committed to providing regular patches and support services for a period of 36 months from the date of general availability. An additional 18 months beyond this period has been added, bringing the total duration of support for a software or firmware release to 54 months.

This is a way for Fortinet to ensure that we are providing your customers with the most up-to-date Fortinet security protection.