How to fix Gopro Hero audio sound issues clicking and chopper sound when wifi enabled. Gopro hero 4 silver black problems and issue


Do you have a Gopro hero 4 silver or black ripped out if the box and found it has a clicking or chopper sound noise when playing back?
You will find this only happens when wifi is enabled.
I wrote an email to Gopro and responded within 24 hrs suggesting there is a problem as below.

Hi Mark,

Thank you for contacting GoPro and reaching out with your concern. I’m sorry for the trouble you’ve experienced with HERO4 Silver. I can imagine the slight discomforts having these issues arise. I would be more than happy to review this with you.

While I’d love to help troubleshoot your concerns, the helicopter-like noise your camera is emitting is a hardware impairment we’d have to replace. Your camera is currently under warranty and I’d be happy to being the process started to replace your camera. As an added alternative, if you are still within the time frame to exchange your camera from where it was purchased, it may be easier to exchange for a new one. I have zero problem continuing to help you through our warranty, just keep in mind it takes just a tad longer due to mailing processes. Nonetheless, if you’d like to continue replacement via warranty, please reply to this e-mail with the following:

– A photo/scan/screenshot of your original purchase receipt to show that you are within the 1-year warranty period.
– Also reply with your preferred return shipping address, formatted like this:

Phone Number
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
City/Town, State/Province, ZIP/Postal Code

Once we hear back, we’ll be able to provide you with a RMA number (returns authorization) and return instructions.

Our apologies for the inconvenience, but we’ll do our best to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Many Thanks,
GoPro Support

I decided to take it back to Craig at JBHIFI Castle Hill with some sample videos and email from Gopro. Without hesitation he swapped it out for me. (Thanks Craig, awesome service)

Got home unpacked and tested the replacement and was all good.

I wasn’t going to worry thinking it was firmware but not. It’s hardware so if you have the issue get it fixed under warranty.

Send me a reply/comment if you have any questions.

How to fix problem Mazda 3 / 6 / CX7 / CX9 and more with handsfree bluetooth and Apple phones iOS 8 problems not calling

Edited 14.3.2015

Finally Apple updated the IOS 8.2 and bluetooth is now working in Mazda Vehicles. If you have another brand tested, please leave in comments. Thank you 


If you are the owner of a Mazda and an Apple iPhone, good change you will have issues trying to call with your iPhone and it connecting to the bluetooth. There is a way around this by selecting speaker and when person picks up, select on the phone the bluetooth. DANGEROUS!

Hands-free are suppose to be SAFE and Mazda/Apple have not worked together to keep this safe.

There are hundreds of forums discussing this but it seems that the problem is iOS8 as even with an iPhone 5 with iOS7 there is no issues but as soon as that phone or other phones are upgraded to iOS 8 the problem starts.

After months of frustration and reading forums, we have found the solution (or the answer) on the Mazda website.

Mazda’s response is as follows:

These devices have been tested in accordance with Mazda interoperability standards. Overall device compatibility as well as individual feature operation and functionality is contingent upon the device software version, device operating system, device settings, wireless service provider, and third party applications installed on the device. Individual user results may vary. Mazda Australia and Visteon Corporation are not responsible for software irregularities or hardware issues devices may experience that are outside of our testing scope. As new device software versions become available, test compatibility results may change so please check these results regularly. Last update occurred on 17/12/2014.

Click the link and it will take you to Mazda showing compatibility.

Microsoft Remote Desktop on Apple mac OSX and Windows 2012 – How to fix & get updated software

Watch out – the old OS X Microsoft Remote Desktop (version 2.1.1) that comes with Mac Microsoft Office 2011 no longer works with Windows 2012 R2 (it does work with plain old Windows 2012). For me it fails with the following error message:

Remote Desktop Connection cannot verify the identity of the computer that you want to connect to.

A (regular) Windows 2012 Remote Desktop client doesn’t have this problem.

(Brief aside – Microsoft have a little note that says the 2.1.1 client is not supported on OS X v10.7 or later. Who knew and why did it make me report all those crashes?)

The good news is that the new OS X Microsoft Remote Desktop 8.0.24091 (Mac App store only though – grr) does work with Windows 2012 R2 . Why this information isn’t listed on the What’s New in 2012 R2 Remote Services page I don’t know…

Another alternative is a product called CoRD – Home Page of CoRD