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Sterling IT has been providing clients in Wetherill Park, Smithfield, surrounding suburbs, as well as the whole of Australia, Managed Services before it become a buzz word.

How do you check if your company’s and personal passwords have been breached and are for sale on the dark web?

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How to fix problem Mazda 3 / 6 / CX7 / CX9 and more with handsfree bluetooth and Apple phones iOS 8 problems not calling

Edited 14.3.2015

Finally Apple updated the IOS 8.2 and bluetooth is now working in Mazda Vehicles. If you have another brand tested, please leave in comments. Thank you 


If you are the owner of a Mazda and an Apple iPhone, good change you will have issues trying to call with your iPhone and it connecting to the bluetooth. There is a way around this by selecting speaker and when person picks up, select on the phone the bluetooth. DANGEROUS!

Hands-free are suppose to be SAFE and Mazda/Apple have not worked together to keep this safe.

There are hundreds of forums discussing this but it seems that the problem is iOS8 as even with an iPhone 5 with iOS7 there is no issues but as soon as that phone or other phones are upgraded to iOS 8 the problem starts.

After months of frustration and reading forums, we have found the solution (or the answer) on the Mazda website.

Mazda’s response is as follows:

These devices have been tested in accordance with Mazda interoperability standards. Overall device compatibility as well as individual feature operation and functionality is contingent upon the device software version, device operating system, device settings, wireless service provider, and third party applications installed on the device. Individual user results may vary. Mazda Australia and Visteon Corporation are not responsible for software irregularities or hardware issues devices may experience that are outside of our testing scope. As new device software versions become available, test compatibility results may change so please check these results regularly. Last update occurred on 17/12/2014.

Click the link and it will take you to Mazda showing compatibility.

Digital Signage Solutions for Hotels , Restaurants , Real Estate , Retail and More….


Sterling IT has partnered with NCC Solutions in providing Digital Signage Solutions to all industries.

With over 15 years in the hospitality industry, and partnership between NCC and Sterling IT over 16 years, we are able to provide complete solutions for you.

Replace over-sized posters and banners that send a single message and out-date very quickly with Digital Signage that can be updated each month, week or even daily. Showcase all your business has to offer on the latest and brightest LED TV’s, high impact adverts will create curiosity in shoppers and attract them to your store and put you ahead of your competitors.

Servicing many different industries including but not limited to Real Estate, Retail, Hospitality, Special Events and even general reception areas.

Please contact us for a FREE ONSITE CONSULTATION* with NO obligation.

For a brochure on how you can increase your business  CLICK HERE


* Free Onsite Consultation will be determined based on opportunity and distance. However we are happy to discuss over Video Chat or Phone, solutions as an initial consult.

Beware Apple iOS attacks using ‘Masque Attack’ techniques from uncertified apps

Researchers have discovered a technique that may enable attackers to substitute malware for a legitimate app on Apple iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads.

Although the risk of being subjected to a Masque Attack is low, it is another reminder not to download pirated apps or software from untrusted sources. It is also a reminder that Apple products are increasingly being targeted by attackers.

As many people believe you cannot get a virus/trojans/malware on Apple devices (more so on OSX), this is not true and Apple devices, due to their numbers, will and currently are being targeted. Sterling IT use and recommend Webroot and/or Trend Micro Antivirus to protect Apple Mac.

About Masque Attack

A Masque Attack can occur if a user downloads an app from a rogue source such as a link embedded in a phishing email or from an unofficial app site hosting fake ‘uncertified’ apps.

The Masque Attack takes advantage of a weakness in iOS security which can enable malware to be installed.

If a malicious app can be crafted to use the same ‘bundle identifier’ (an ID Apple uses to identify individual apps) as a legitimate app on your phone, Apple will not check its security certificate. It means that a malicious app can replace a legitimate app on your device.

A criminal using the Masque Attack technique will typically disguise their malware as a popular game or program for you to install. Only install via the APP STORE via your device.

Once installed it may be able to steal information from your device such as passwords or internet banking details and send them to a remote server controlled by criminals. Possible impacts include the malware being able to steal logon credentials; access sensitive data; avoid detection and steal Apple IDs and passwords.

Staying safe

  1. Do not download software or apps from untrusted sources. Sticking with Apple’s AppStore helps protect against downloading malicious software
  2. Do not click ‘install’ from pop ups when viewing a web page. Even if it tells you , that you have a virus. Most of these are traps.
    Sterling IT has posted MANY emails recently with relation to this and unfortunately we are still getting clients infected, even with prior warning.
  3. If your iOS device shows an ‘Untrusted App Developer’ alert when you open an app, click on ‘Don’t Trust’ and uninstall the app immediately.
  4. Use security software for all your computer and mobile devices.
  5. Keep your system up-to-date by downloading software updates as they are released.
  6. Do not connect or ‘pair’ your device with untrusted computers.

For FREE advice or any questions regards to this, please contact Sterling IT. You are better asking as prevention is better than cure!!


Storm Season, Power Surges and UPS protection.


Are you protected against storms? (Sterling IT)
Are you protected against storms?

Electronic and computer based equipment need high quality, uninterrupted power supplies.

In Australia, particularly during summer months, excess strain is placed on our aging electrical infrastructure.  Adding to this is the unpredictable weather patterns associated with summer storms which can cause electrical surges and power outages for extended periods of time.

The best form of PC protection is at all times to be plugged into a quality UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). This is a surge protector and voltage regulator with a back up battery. The better ones actually talk to your PC via USB, so when power drops out, the UPS instructs the PC to close all programs safely and then shut down all under battery power. For Laptop users, this is not such great concern, however, plugging into a surge protector may just save your power adapter and in some severe cases your laptop.

With no UPS, if lucky enough to be home before a storm hits, you should power down your PC and unplug it from the wall. BUT, that isn’t all; the most vulnerable route for a voltage spike is through your telephone line. We have seen some pretty severe cases where a Lightening strike has merely passed a telephone pole, to completely render every device useless connected to the router by wire (Ethernet). EMF will surge down a phone line and through your equipment like an electrical Tsunami… It takes out everything in it’s path. The safest way of protecting your equipment during an electrical storm is to firstly disconnect your telephone line from the wall (this is your source of ADSL as well as telephone), and then shut down your computers and disconnect from the power. Unfortunately, even a moderate UPS is no protection against a huge EMF spike.

We also strongly recommend you have insurance to protect your for business interruption as well (Liaise with your broker or insurance company for this) as even with recovery of systems, the loss of income could be claimed.

Even with a UPS, we have found equipment to be affected. This can be due to massive spikes or phase drops as well as the surge coming from phone lines rather than electricity lines.

Some of the more sophisticated UPS’s on the market come with software which monitors the power usage and demand on a computer or server, if the power is off for any period of time, this software will log the users off, and close the programs, then shut down the server safely.

Size matters, having the correct UPS installed will ensure that the power requirements for the business are met and the key hardware protected.

It is also worth checking your UPS from time to time, to make sure that it is doing what it is supposed to. If you’re not sure what your needs are, please request that we check next time we are onsite or book in a health check.

If you do suffer a computer failure after a storm, contact us at  Sterling IT on (02) 9756 6866  and we’ll do our best to get you back on line.

“Sterling IT also provide insurance reports, quotation estimates and repairs or replacements.”