1. Create an Outlook profile This is NOT required if adding a second account – skip to point 2 A profile consists of accounts, data files, and settings that specify where your email messages are saved. Exit Outlook. In Control Panel, click or double-click Mail.Where is Mail in Control Panel? Mail appears in different Control Read More

We were banging our head against the wall with the winmail.dat problem we have with an office 365 email account. The solution is to hack the Office 365 server with regards to the Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format (TNEF) format. INTRODUCTION. This article describes how Microsoft Office 365 admins can change the message format so that Read More

This article is for clients that have moved to the Microsoft Office 365 platform that needs to be able to SMTP from devices. Example of this is multi-function scanner/copier/printer device and using the scan-to-email capability. The most common solution that is suggested by Microsoft and others is to use an internal Exchange Server to relay Read More

After spending hours trying to rectify our send connector to allow our accounting program to send invoices out, we stumble across an article from Mark Berry at http://www.mcbsys.com. We had run the Fix My Network Wizard in SBS 2011 and after that Exchange 2010 would not accept email from non authenticated users even if the Read More

There can be various reasons which will require you to downgrade to a previous version of Outlook such as the current trial/beta version expiring or compatibility issues with some needed add-ins or business software. This guide provides solutions to various problems you may encounter when trying to downgrade Outlook or when you need to remain Read More

Hooking Outlook to Office 365 or Hosted Exchange is a little different to a local server. In this article we will explain step by step, how to manually connect Microsoft Outlook to Office 365.   Part 1 Before we begin we need to gather a bit of information. 1. Go to testexchangeconnectivity.com 2. Select the Read More

When trying to do a redirect on a mailbox externally, it was not processing the email. Internal was fine. Apparently forwarding / redirects to external domain names is disabled by default in Exchange 2007 and 2010. To change this setting, open the Exchange Management Console, and drill down to the Organization Configuration -> Hub Transport.  Read More

Symptoms When you respond to an exception to a recurring calendar event with a Microsoft Exchange account on a device running iOS 6.1, the device may begin to generate excessive communication with Microsoft Exchange Server. You may notice increased network activity or reduced battery life on the iOS device. This extra network activity will be Read More