SITCLOUD Datacentre Migration for all Hosted Services

Due to client and services growth, our provider of SITCLOUD has made the decision to migrate a large portion of its services to a bigger data centre, this will increase our data centre footprint but it will also provide us better flexibility and improved data centre services.

For a virtual view of the new data centre please click on the below link, for those interested in seeing the data centre that can be arranged post migration;


A very careful migration strategy has been formulated so as to reduce the requirement for outages, however outages are required and will be used to relocate these services but also further enhance the functionality with software updates and network upgrades.


The following System Maintenance periods will occur.


Microsoft Exchange will be unaffected for outage 1 and 2

Outage Period 1  – 13/08/2014

Services Affected:

VPS and Terminal Server Hosting in our datacentre

Microsoft CRM Hosting

Microsoft Lync Hosting

Microsoft SharePoint Hosting

Active Directory Authentication

Virtual Desktop Hosting

We anticipate an approximate outage of 10-15 Minutes for each service during this day in preparation if any preparation is required and server needs a restart. Networking will also be changing at this time to cater for the new datacentre.

We will be doing this one customer and service at a time.


Outage Period 2 – 16-17/08/2014

Services Affected:

Legacy VPS and Server Hosting

You will be migrated to our new infrastructure and will be individually contacted in preparation for the datacentre move.


Outage Period 3 – TBA we anticipate 13th to the 14th September for this move.

All Systems will have interruptions for 2-6 Hours. Some systems will have minimal outage however we may encounter issues along with this complex move but will do our best to avoid them.

Public IP Addresses will be changed on ALL Systems and you will be notified of the exact crossover times and details well before this happens, these clients will be contacted direct and will be provided a scope of works outlining the services effected and the outage window.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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