Encrypted password creator and storage – Adobe password hack check – Password strength test

Do you use the same password on multiple sites and/or applications?

If so, PLEASE STOP. With many websites getting hacked such as Sony and recently Adobe, using the same password on multiple sites is becoming extremely dangerous.

You can test the strength of your password by visiting GRC.COM . A trusted and brilliant website.

One step better than making your own passwords is use a trusted application called LASTPASS.
You only need to remember ONE password, that’s it. This is also FREE, however if you want to use it on your mobile, its $1 per month. (thats right $1).
For business where you want to have encrypted secure passwords, its $2 per month.

You can double secure this by using a USB key so even if someone was to get your username and password, without the USB key, a hacker will still not be able to access.

Contact Sterling IT for an online demo. We can also assist in setting up but more importantly, customise your lastpass for additional security.

Want to check if your email was hacked at Adobe? Click Here











You ask then HOW can I remember so many passwords?

A couple of ways of doing this is create passwords based around the website you are using, however if there is a pattern, a hacker will still work out your passwords










Prices correct at time of publishing 3.12.2013

SITBACK… and relax. Offsite online backup data solutions

SITBACK FINALSITBACK (“Sterling IT Backup”) provides our customers with a seamless, robust online data backup solution to an offsite location.
Also known as Cloud Backup.

Data loss or the exposure of sensitive data can result in huge financial losses, legal penalties, loss of reputation, brand damage, loss of intellectual property, loss of customer trust… and all this can easily lead into bankruptcy.


Sterling IT specialises in secure online backup and recovery. Whether you are looking for online backup of servers, distributed networks, workstations or notebooks, Sterling IT has a suitable solution and reliable technology that will scale with your business.

Sterling IT provides real-time, hassle-free, local and offsite backup protection. It offers a reliable, centrally managed backup solution that unravels complexities and makes it easier for IT managers and business owners to protect their organization’s most important asset – their data.

Both small business and enterprise solutions Sterling IT offer both allow unlimited clients. That is you can run the backup client on 1 computer/server or 100’s of computers/servers (including laptops that are in the field all the time). That’s right, NO CLIENT FEE. You can start with 1 or 2 systems and just keep installing onto more computers or servers as required. All that is required is an internet connection.

In today’s information-driven organisations, the cost of managing, keeping available and recovering data can be overwhelming.

The ever-increasing role digital information plays in our lives has increased scrutiny over how it is stored and protected.

In order to ensure company’s good name, integrity and longevity, data must be stored securely and in multiple locations; this is no more just “nice to have”, it is a necessity.

Enterprises are seeking new ways to tackle their data protection challenges. While data growth is not new, the pace of growth has become more rapid, the location of data more dispersed and the value much higher.

Sterling IT offer plans starting from $9 per month based on storage requirements. Unlimited computers! All backed up to AUSTRALIAN DATA CENTRES.

SITBACK is the easy to use, automated and affordable way to backup your irreplaceable data. At your predetermined time, your data is encrypted, compressed and sent to our secure, offsite servers.

For a limited time, Sterling IT is offering our clients a free trial and installation.
Contact us now to organise protecting your data.


Further information and terminology can be found at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remote_backup_service